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In order to accomplish these NDDTF objectives, our project-related activities will focus on:

Forging strategic alliances to support the establishment and operations of state-of-the-art, comprehensive medical diagnostic centers in Nigeria.

NDDTF will establish the main campus of the Nigeria Diaspora Diagnostic & Trauma Center (NDDTC) within the Federal Capital Territory, (FCT, Abuja). This NDDTC Main Campus will be technologically linked to regional NDDTC Scan Centers, which will be strategically located in different geo-political zones of Nigeria. These NDDTC Scan Centers will provide regional access to reliable, affordable diagnostic services and contribute to the reasonable distribution of medical diagnostic facilities in Nigeria. NDDTF stakeholders will leverage our considerable global knowledge networks, build the right partnerships, and engage valuable, significant expertise in Diaspora to support the establishment and delivery of affordable, quality health-related diagnostic services. This Foundation will seek the assistance and collaboration of globally-renowned medical centers of excellence with notable diagnostic and trauma centers, such as Grady Memorial Hospital (GMH) based in Atlanta, Georgia, to provide scalable quality and reliable diagnostic services, comparable to the levels in North America and Europe.

Organizing annual international medical conferences that connect top-tier health leaders in the international community and Nigeria to collaborate on meeting significant tropical health needs and challenges in Nigeria.

NDDTF will purposefully promote and organize professional conferences that bring together top-level health experts (e.g. Grady Memorial Hospital, CDC, Emory University Hospital, Morehouse Medical School, GA TECH Logistics Center) in the Diaspora and Nigeria, US-based business professionals and community leaders to connect and collaborate on identified tropical health needs and challenges. It is anticipated that such interdisciplinary conversations would establish a firm basis for proactive inter-institutional collaborations on meeting future international and regional health challenges that could affect our globalized world.

Building capacity and promoting professional development in the health sector through collaborations with internationally-authorized education and training institutions to promote beneficial best practices and healthcare training of health workers.

NDDTF will collaborate with internationally-authorized health education and training institutions to provide continuing education and certification opportunities, which deliver up-to-date health literacy solutions for health workers in Nigeria. Such professional development opportunities will provide valuable updates of skills and train these health workers to effectively identify and properly manage known and emerging tropical illnesses, viruses and communicable diseases.

Based on insight gained from institutional assistance and collaborations, lessons learned, strong financial support and other resources, NDDTF will eventually scale up the support for diagnostic centers to the establishment of hospitals and trauma centers.

Successful Outcomes:

Our focus on providing diagnostic services is considered by experts as a positive and cost-effective approach across any health system because of its significant horizontal impact in enhancing the ability of the health system to deliver preventive and diagnostic services and effective treatments across its entire system most efficiently. Based on available literature, accurate medical diagnosis and other timely health-related interventions have been shown to:

  • improve the performance of hospitals in the treatment of accident victims;
  • enhance early identification and control of communicable diseases; and
  • significantly reduce preventable mortality rates related to child and maternal health.

The anticipated outcomes of this health project will spark and sustain the systemic transformation of healthcare delivery systems and healthcare utilization rates in Nigeria, and even other countries in the sub-Saharan region of Africa.

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